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Three People with Acne-Prone Skin Used Zincscreen for a Month and This Is What They Thought

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When you’re looking for the best sunscreen for acne-prone skin, you really don’t want to risk it by testing a bunch of different products on skin that tends to freak out. So, that’s why we did it for you! When we finalized the formula for our new 100% mineral daily face lotion, Zincscreen, we asked three friends with acne-prone skin to start using it every day for a month. Here’s what happened!

It took us a lot of time to develop our first 100% mineral daily face lotion, Zincscreen, because we wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible. It has broad spectrum SPF 40 and contains only zinc oxide as its sunscreen active, making it extra great for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Plus, it has a super pretty pink tint that allows it to blend in on most skin tones without leaving a white cast. You can read more about it here.

But now, for the main attraction: what happens when our friends used it every day for a month! Check out their skin – and their reactions – to it below…

A quick note: The whole point of this month-long test wasn’t really to show any drastic change in the participant’s skin; we mostly wanted to show that Zincscreen is a safe sunscreen that’s compatible with acne-prone skin, meaning it won’t further irritate skin or exacerbate any issues. That being said, a couple of our testers actually thought that Zincscreen helped fade their acne scars and brighten their skin – silver lining! (And on that note, you can read more about why sunscreen helps with acne scars here.)


Here’s our friend Melody’s results. She was also in our video where she received a chemical peel treatment from dermatologist Dr. Elyse Love for her hyperpigmentation. Here’s her skin after using Zincscreen for a month:

Melody’s first reaction to Zincscreen was delight over the pink tint. “It was thinner than I thought it would be, and – maybe just because I wasn’t expecting it – I loved the fact that it was a tinted color,” she says. “That made me super excited because I’ve used tinted moisturizers in the past to help ease any redness I have from active or past breakouts.”

She was pleased with the way Zincscreen interacted with her skin and thought Zincscreen helped with the overall tone of her skin. “I’m genuinely terrified of using new products after having come so far in clearing up my skin… but Zincscreen worked well,” she says. “I didn’t notice any breakouts or reactions that I could tie Zincscreen to (I did get a few pimples during that time of the month… but that’s normal!), and I felt like my skin tone appeared more even after putting it on in the morning.”


Next, meet Christine. She has oily and acne-prone skin and her main goal is to find a sunscreen that works with her oily skin and doesn’t leave a white cast on her darker skin. Here’s her skin after using Zincscreen for a month:

Christine loved how well the tint worked with her skin. “Throughout the month, I was spending lots of time outside, so as a result, my complexion became a little bit darker (even with my frequent use of SPF),” she says. “I was actually very shocked with how well Zincscreen still blended evenly into my skin tone. Towards the end of the month, I was concerned that the tint would be too light on my darker skin, but it still didn’t fail. In fact, I felt comfortable not applying foundation and started only applying concealer because the tint gave me just enough brightness and buffed out my imperfections.”

She loved that the tint is accompanied by a lightweight texture, too. “Compared to other sunscreens I have tried, I loved that it had a lightweight, milky texture but did not feel slippery or greasy on my skin,” says Christine. “I have tried sunscreens that have a heavier weight and a white cast…neither of which look very cute on me!”


Finally, meet Janice. She’s had oily, acne-prone skin all her life, but she recently went on prescription medication from her dermatologist to treat her acne. Here is what her skin looked like after using it – and Zincscreen – for a month:

Janice especially liked the way Zincscreen felt and how it blended in. “The texture feels like a lightweight lotion,” she says. “It blends in really quickly without much effort. I often feel like I’m patting in other sunscreens for a long time because they’re thick and have a white cast. This sunscreen isn’t like that at all. Once it’s blended, my skin feels hydrated but still feels like it can breathe.”

Because of her sensitive, acne-prone skin, Janice likes to gravitate towards 100% mineral sunscreens, but has always struggled with finding a completely mineral sunscreen that won’t leave a slight white cast… until she tried Zincscreen!

Zincscreen works great on my skin tone,” says Janice. “It doesn’t leave a color cast at all. Once blended in, you can’t even tell that I applied something with a tint in it.” Even more, the consistency of the formula is what she wants for her oily skin. “Zincscreen gives me the right amount of moisture without feeling heavy on top of my skin,” she says. “It doesn’t break me out and I think it actually helped lighten my acne scars. I also feel that it doesn’t clog my pores, especially my nose area, which has a lot of blackheads.”

+Have you tried Zincscreen? Do you have acne-prone skin? What do you think makes the best sunscreen for acne-prone skin? We’d love to know the answers to these questions and any other comments you might have! Just share your thoughts below.