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Our Founder’s Response to the FDA’s Look Into Sunscreen Regulation

FDA sunscreen regulation

Dear Friends of Supergoop!,

Today was a big day in our journey towards changing the way the world thinks about sunscreen, as we shared with the FDA a point-by-point commentary on their proposal regarding the regulation of sunscreens. I’m very proud of our organization and hope that we have been able to offer a helpful point of view to our government as they look at this very important element of the health of our nation. One in five of us will be diagnosed with skin cancer in our lifetimes, and I won’t stop until that statistic goes down to one in ten, then to one in 15, then to one in 20––and then I’ll keep going, still.

Here is a summary of what our comments discussed:

First, we believe it is imperative that we continue to be able to offer a range of sunscreen formulations that include both mineral as well as clean chemical actives in order to ensure that we can offer options for all skin types, tones, lifestyles and preferences. It does us no good if we can’t ensure daily, joyful use of SPF – that is what will stop this epidemic. 

With that in mind, clean chemical formulas are essential, particularly for those who prefer the lightest textures or invisible formats that blend well into darker skin tones, and those who are physically active and need their skin to be able to breathe. Chemical actives are required to achieve these types of benefits – without them, we would be leaving large groups of people without satisfactory options and have a deep concern they may stop wearing SPF altogether, a risk we cannot accept. We do not believe, however, that all chemical actives are created equal. Our brand has never used and never will use oxybenzone, will be oxctinoxate-free by 2020, and also avoids a large list of other ingredients that are under consideration. But we do support the use of avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate and octocrylene. We need to keep enough options that we can continue to deliver a sufficient level of UVA and UVB protection in these types of products. 

Second, Supergoop! is cruelty-free and does not support the use of any type of animal testing. We urge the FDA to identify other methods of testing to allow for cruelty-free brands to maintain this important status and service to their communities. 

Third, Supergoop! supports the inclusion of both spray sunscreens and sunscreen powder in the FDA monograph. You, our fans, have taught us that these formats are critical to ensuring that we all reapply every two hours, which we know is necessary for proper protection. 

Fourth, Supergoop! remains committed to SPF minimums of 30 for satisfactory daily protection, and a belief that higher SPF values beyond 50 can offer a false sense of security and require a higher level of actives than provide true benefits to the consumer. We also strongly support ensuring that the proper broad spectrum requirements are met.

Lastly, we have asked the FDA to ensure that labeling and other record-keeping requirements continue to incentivize the formula innovation that comes from young companies like ourselves, as well as packaging design that makes wearing sunscreen what we hope we can make it every day…simply put, fun.

We are grateful to the many organizations and people who are involved in thinking through this next evolution of our industry. Many of you may be curious how you can help. The answer is simple: wear sunscreen. And make sure your loved ones do too. 

Holly Thaggard, Supergoop! Founder and CEO