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The Best Sunscreen for Men

sunscreen for men

What’s the best sunscreen for men? While skin is skin, men do have some characteristics that make some sunscreens work better for their skin than others. Keep reading to find out what kind of SPF works best for men’s skin.

With a little bit of help from the experts, we’re going to be outlining the ways in which men’s skin is different from women’s, and then discussing which types of sunscreen are best for men as a result of these differences. But if there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that everyone needs to apply SPF every. single. day.  

How men’s skin differs from women’s:

Because men have a much higher level of testosterone in their bodies, their skin is up to 25% thicker compared to women’s skin. That extra testosterone also makes their skin texture much rougher, while women’s skin tends to be softer due to higher amounts of estrogen.

“[Additionally], men’s pores are usually more prominent, and men usually produce more oil,” notes Jerome Potozkin, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in Danville, California.

This, of course, is all in addition to the very obvious skin difference between men and women, which is that men have coarse facial hair. The thicker skin, tougher texture, higher oil output, and facial hair means that men should look for specific types of skincare products––including sunscreen––that work to complement these characteristics. The end goal is to have balanced, hydrated, protected and healthy skin.

Because testosterone causes excess sebum, or oily sebaceous glands, men can be more prone to acne. For that reason, it’s best to seek out oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreen formulations in order to prevent clogged pores.

The best sunscreen for men

In the same way that women have a broad range of sunscreen products that work for their skin type, men also have a lot of options to choose from. That said, there are a few ground rules to follow that’ll ensure a more comfortable sunscreen-wearing experience.

“Due to the facial hair, I find that thick sunscreens tend to get stuck in the follicles and therefore are difficult to rub in,” notes Erica Walters, MD, co-founder of Tribeca Wellness Collective. “I find that sunscreen has to have a lighter texture – preferably without a white cast – in order to get men to rub in the product. Also, freshly-shaved skin can lead to irritation, therefore a gentle formulation is usually needed.”

She also adds that, because testosterone causes excess sebum, or oily sebaceous glands, men can be more prone to acne. For that reason, it’s best to seek out oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreen formulations in order to prevent clogged pores.

Luckily Supergoop! has a few tried-and-true SPF favorites that fit the bill for guys… If you’re looking for an easy, no-brainer daily SPF, then look no further than our City Sunscreen Serum, which has been a men’s favorite for ten years and counting. It almost behaves as a lightweight lotion with SPF 30, and you can apply it right after you wash your face. As an added bonus, it’s also loaded with anti-aging and antioxidant power via vitamin E, which conditions the skin, along with vitamin B5, which soothes, softens and keeps the skin’s barrier extra safe.. City Sunscreen Serum also contains a moisturizing complex called Hydroviton 24, which hydrates dry skin and helps lock in moisture.

If you’re looking for a little more hydration, then you might want to consider Superscreen Daily Moisturizer instead of City Serum. It’s an oil-free moisturizer with a texture that’s a little thicker and bouncier – but it still won’t leaving behind any sort of white cast. It literally melts into your skin (stubble, too) while providing intense moisture and protection from everything under the sun––UVA, UVB, IRA, pollution and more.

sunscreen for men

Guys have also been known to gravitate towards Unseen Sunscreen, our totally invisible, totally game-changing SPF that can either be applied on top of City Serum or Superscreen, or directly onto cleansed skin. While it does work as a makeup-friendly primer, we hear that guys are totally borrowing this fan favorite from girls’ makeup bags and not turning back. The clear texture is beard-friendly, and it truly feels like nothing. Plus, it’s packed with SPF 40 sun protection – and tech protection, too.

Finally, if you need an SPF for the beach or for working out, then our very first formula, Everyday Sunscreen, is perfect. It’s fast-absorbing, water-and-sweat-resistant for 80 minutes and the scent is the furthest thing from your typical sunscreen smell. You can also use this pick just like you would City Serum if you prefer…but its real selling point is that it allows your body’s pores to breathe and sweat during any sort of high impact outdoor activity…while still providing broad spectrum SPF 50 protection.

A quick note on the importance of sunscreen

In the past, sunscreen might have felt like a hindrance due to clunky and unforgiving formulations, but today’s options have totally changed that. Now you can put on sunscreen in the morning, and minutes later, forget you even did so. This goes for women and men.

Because of the thickness of men’s skin, wrinkles and sun damage can be trickier to treat. Therefore, prevention with daily sunscreen and an anti-aging moisturizer is key,” says Walters. So ladies and gentlemen, please don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

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