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SPF Spotlight: Why Zincscreen SPF 40 is the Best Mineral Sunscreen

mineral face sunscreen

When we set out to create a 100% mineral face sunscreen, we knew it had to stand apart from all the others out there. Not only is Zincscreen a 100% mineral formula, but it also hydrates and helps protect from pollution – plus, it’s super blendable thanks to a pretty pink tint. Keep reading to discover more about why it’s actually the best mineral face sunscreen out there.

What is Zincscreen 100% Mineral Lotion SPF 40?

Zincscreen is a non-nano 100% mineral face lotion that provides daily protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays, thanks to broad spectrum SPF 40. It helps protect from pollution, too.

Think of it as a lightweight daily moisturizer with SPF…and one that also has a skin-brightening pink tint to help it blend in on a variety of skin tones, too. Zincscreen also wears beautifully under makeup or just on its own.

Why we created it & what makes it so special….

We’ve known for a while now that our line was missing a 100% mineral daily face lotion, and we know that a lot of people seek out mineral sunscreens because of how well they work on sensitive and acne-prone skin. But when we decided to create our version, we wanted it to be the best. And that took a little bit of time.

The end result is the antithesis of all other mineral SPF – Zincscreen isn’t white, chalky, pasty or thick. We also wanted to present a product that offered more than just SPF protection. (We’re obsessed with creating products that aren’t just sunscreen, but ones that serve other skin-nourishing-and-protecting purposes.) Basically, all of our products have to be the ultimate skin multitaskers, and Zincscreen fits the bill by containing a high broad spectrum SPF number (SPF 40), ingredients that protect pollution and a texture that feels great under makeup and on the skin.

Who is Zincscreen for?

There are two main types of people Zincscreen is perfect for… First, it works well for anyone with acne-prone, oily or sensitive skin (or a combination of two or all three of those!). We hear from a lot of people with these skin types that they want to protect their skin, but they’ve been afraid to use an SPF to do so. Now, Zincscreen is the answer. It’s the best of both worlds – gentle but protective and pretty on the outside but powerful on the inside.

Second, Zincscreen is designed to deliver for all of the clean beauty connoisseurs out there. So if you’re passionate about 100% mineral SPF, then Zincscreen’s for you!

mineral face sunscreen

What’s in Zincscreen 100% Mineral Lotion SPF 40?

Let’s start with the most important ingredient in Zincscreen: zinc oxide. That’s the only sunscreen active in the formula, and it’s an ingredient that’s known to help soothe inflamed skin and work well with acne. The zinc oxide particles in Zincscreen are also non-nano, which means the actives are larger than 100 nanometers – so they will safely sit on top of your skin without seeping in.

Next up is blueberry extract, which is rich in antioxidants and protects against infrared radiation (think: the heat that’s emitted from your hairdryer). There’s also coconut fruit extract in the mix to keep Zincscreen hydrating enough to keep skin looking healthy and happy.

mineral face sunscreen

What’s with that pink tint?

This is what allows you to actually look and feel “pretty in zinc.” If you’re really into 100% mineral SPF, then you probably know that many formulas leave behind a white cast. By definition, mineral actives––zinc oxide and titanium dioxide––are white powders, making them impossible to go on clear. But we didn’t want Zincscreen to leave an unsightly white cast, which is why we formulated it with a skin-brightening pink tint to help the formula blend in more easily on a variety of skin tones.

You should also know that it’s impossible for 100% mineral sunscreens to show up invisible on all skin tones because mineral actives just can’t be invisible. The only way to minimize a white cast from a true complete mineral sunscreen is to add a tint to the formula.

Trust us, if you think you have a mineral sunscreen that goes on absolutely clear or is labeled as “invisible zinc,” look at the ingredients again… we can almost guarantee its actually a hybrid formula that contains one or two chemical sunscreen actives to give it that invisibility. Also, if you have a 100% mineral sunscreen that is coming out clear, you need to shake that bottle because that means the actives have separated and won’t be effective.

How do I use Zincscreen?

We’ll let our friend, Sue Williamson, take it from here…! The editorial director of Girlfriend Collective will show you how to use it – and tell you about why she personally loves Zincscreen for her acne-prone skin.

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