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SPF Spotlight: Glow Stick SPF 50

Glow Stick sunscreen

Glow Stick is dewy, travel-friendly, versatile and easy to use – a total summer favorite, hands down. Keep scrolling to learn more about this glow-boosting highlighter with SPF 50.

What is Glow Stick SPF 50?

Glow Stick SPF 50 is a dry oil stick that you can use to highlight your cheeks, shoulders, chest…or just wherever you want to glow. Because it’s a stick, it’s totally spill-proof and easy to slip into any bag on-the-go. And no Supergoop! product would be complete without broad spectrum sun protection or clean ingredients! This one boasts broad spectrum SPF 50, plus a collection of dry oils to hydrate and brighten skin…giving it that perfectly glowy effect.

It’s also non-comedogenic, so even though it has a bunch of oils in it, it won’t clog your pores, making it a nice choice for acne-prone skin.

Glow Stick sunscreen

Why we created Glow Stick sunscreen…

We believe in having many different sunscreen options, and Glow Stick fits into our collection as a travel-friendly, easy-to-use stick that goes on clear, so that it can work on all skin tones. We also wanted to make sure this formula could be used on both the face and body. In other words, it’s a total multitasker.

In fact, our head of product development, Sofia, says convenience was a big factor when it came to creating Glow Stick. “I’ve always loved face and body oils, but I don’t enjoy traveling with them as they’re typically in heavy glass bottles and not very portable,” she says. “I love how this product is the exact opposite – to the point that I literally keep one in every bag!”

What’s in Glow Stick?

Let’s break down the ingredients in Glow Stick sunscreen:

Clean chemical actives: Glow Stick contains a collection of clean chemical actives to provide broad spectrum UV protection, including avobenzone and octisalate.

Dry oils: This formula is hydrating without feeling greasy, thanks to a blend of dry Amazonian oils including buriti oil, pracaxi oil and tamanu oil. Buriti oil is considered the richest natural source of beta carotene and provides antioxidant benefits, while pracaxi oil supplies the skin with fatty acids to plump and moisturize. Tamanu oil helps protect against free radicals and is known to soothe the skin, making it an ideal ingredient for sensitive skin.

Additionally, Glow Stick is vegan and does not contain any silicones.

How do I use Glow Stick SPF 50?

Here comes the fun part! The best thing about Glow Stick is all the different ways you can use it. You can use it as a face highlighter either before or after your makeup. If you’re using it before your makeup, simply apply it directly after your moisturizer for a dewy base. If you’re using it after your makeup, apply it wherever you want to shine, and then continue to reapply it every two hours throughout the day (since SPF always fades and degrades over time).

Glow Stick is also an amazing body sunscreen. We especially love it around our collarbone or on our shoulders for a sun-kissed glow (minus the sun). A few Glow Stick fans have even told us that they love keeping it in their car so they can easily swipe sunscreen onto their hands and arms before hitting the road. (Don’t forget…those damaging UVA rays can penetrate through car windows!)

Another great way to use Glow Stick is over tattoos. It prevents the colors from fading in the sun, while giving them a perfectly dewy glow in the process.

Sofia has plenty of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to how she uses Glow Stick… “I use it all over my face during colder, drier months and under my CC Cream to give me a lit-from-within finish. I also use it on my body during the summer, as a highlighter mixed with Shimmershade, on my hands and cuticles, on my scalp, everywhere!” (It’s no surprise that this product is her absolute favorite Supergoop! SPF…and that she even dreamt it into existence in the first place!)

Wherever you end up using Glow Stick, we think you’ll love the fact that it’s totally spot on – meaning it allows you to easily target an area and apply SPF directly onto it, without any rubbing, smearing or lotion-y mess.

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