Hello Holly |

Our Founder, on our Partnership with The Melanoma Research Alliance

This season at Supergoop! we were (as usual!) inspired to change things up. We thought what better way to celebrate the season than by celebrating you, our super fans, with a donation in your name to fund a fellowship in partnership with the Melanoma Research Alliance.

I have long admired and collaborated with the MRA over the years because of their shared belief in our mission, the incredible work that they do and their commitment to putting every dollar into research.

For the first time, we will be partnering with them to fund a grant to support a research fellowship for pediatric dermatology – The Supergoop! MRA Dermatology Fellowship. Through this program, we will be enabling one researcher focused on pediatric dermatology to further their work in the field, and partner with me to teach our youth about the importance of skin health and daily SPF starting at an early age. Our fellowship will also be specially focused on funding research that is representative of a breadth of skin tones to reflect our belief in SPF for everyone. every. single. day. Stay tuned for more information and we’ll be sure to share with you how you or someone you might know could be eligible to apply. To learn more about the MRA, visit their website here.

Thank you for your support and for being on this journey with us! Wishing you a joy filled holiday season.

-Holly Thaggard, Supergoop! Founder and CEO