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How our Friend Maria Sharapova Made SPF a Healthy Habit

As part of our Every Single Day™ campaign, we tapped some our friends to share how they made sunscreen — and other great things — daily habits in their lives. First up, our interview with Maria Sharapova.

Our longtime friend, tennis superstar and entrepreneur Maria Sharapova, took time to chat with us about the healthy habits she practices every day (Spoiler: SPF is one of them!) and what she does to ensure that she sticks to all the healthy habits she does for a successful career and personal life.

What are some healthy habits that you practice in your day-to-day life?

When I’m home, I begin every morning with a cup of warm water with lemon. Besides the health benefits, it sets a clean start to my day. 

Because I’m in the sun so often, I take care of my face thoroughly every morning. I finish toning and moisturizing with a healthy layer of SPF. In the mornings, it’s my last beauty step. 

I also like to set 30 minutes aside each day to listen, read or do some research on a subject that’s new, interesting and somewhat different to what my everyday interests may be. It allows me to escape from my daily routine and educates me on topics that I’m curious about. 

How important has forming healthy habits been in general to the success in your career and personal life?

I really believe healthy habits are vital in any lifestyle, and creating structure for those habits is an important tool to work on. It doesn’t always come easy but habits create discipline, which feel like little personal victories throughout the day. 

Have you implemented any tricks to help you be more diligent about forming habits?

I make mental notes on staying diligent with the habits I create. I find that consistency is more important than the routine itself so I really focus on making sure I follow through with what I started. 

When did you discover the importance of daily SPF?

I spent my childhood in the Florida sun and was immediately taught the importance of SPF. I became increasingly aware of sunscreen products and was always on the hunt for a product that didn’t smell like pineapple, was water-resistant during my training and didn’t burn my eyes. 

I realized that beautiful looking skin doesn’t begin with makeup. It begins with a proper skin care routine, which should always include sunscreen as the finishing step. 

How does Supergoop! make wearing sunscreen every day easier and fun?

Supergoop! has really made sunscreen feel like a luxury rather than an annoying other step in my beauty routine. My favorites are the PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50, the serum when I’m traveling and the Forever Young Body Butter right after showering. On a beach vacation, Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 is my favorite party trick and the product that my friends always borrow. It’s truly innovative!

What changes in your skin have you seen or felt from making sunscreen a daily habit?

I’ve noticed significant difference in my complexion. It feels healthier, smoother and I notice a lot less skin pigmentation, even after a long day of direct sunlight. 

Any final words of advice for those who are on the fence about wearing sunscreen every day?

I believe that once people really grasp the significance of aging and skin damage through sun exposure, they will truly understand the importance of sunscreen. With the right product, like Supergoop!, SPF should be considered a seamless step in your beauty routine, as opposed to something that seems like an unnecessary step we don’t have time for. 

+What Supergoop! product made it easy for you to make sunscreen a daily habit? Let us know in the comments!