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Introducing Our New Look & New Reef-Safe Formulas

We thought it was about time for an SPF refresh…so starting today, you’ll discover a new look, along with new reef-safe formulas. Here’s everything to know about Supergoop!’s new packaging.

One of our mottos here at Supergoop! has always been “test, learn, iterate.” So, in the spirit of iterating, we’re really excited to announce a whole new look in addition to new reef-safe formulas. We know this may spark a few questions, so we thought we’d go ahead and answer them for you. Just keep reading to get the skinny. 

Why did you change the packaging?

This goes back to our motto of “test, learn, iterate.” Here at Supergoop!, we’re constantly trying to figure out how we can make things better…from our product formulation down to our actual product packaging and design. We also thought it was time to look at everything for you, to make it easier to navigate and more unified. 

What did you change about the look?

For starters, the SPF numbers are bigger and easier to spot on the front of the bottle, and the product benefits are clearly illustrated on the sides of their outer cartons. Each SPF also now has one fun thing to tie them all together: a bright pop of our sunny Supergoop! yellow.   

What has changed about the formula itself?

All of our SPF will now feature a new reef-safe formula – which means it will still be free of oxybenzone (like it has been since the beginning, in 2007) and now octinoxate. If you’ve been following the ingredients news in the SPF world lately, then you probably know that octinoxate has been a hot topic in regards to reef safety. Our philosophy has always been that if any ingredient is even remotely controversial, then we’ll simply take it out…after all, if we’re going to change the way the world thinks about sunscreen, then we want there to be as few roadblocks as possible when it comes to getting people to wear it. We’ve had our eye on octinoxate for a while now, and we began working on its removal from our formulas a few years ago. Starting today, you’ll begin to see this next-level SPF magic come to life.

What is octinoxate and why are you removing it?

Octinoxate is a chemical SPF that’s been on our radar for a while now as one that can harm the coral reefs. And since our ingredients philosophy has always been to remove anything that’s even remotely controversial, we’ve been working on taking it out for a long time. The caveat is that this type of reformulation always takes a long time and a lot of SPF magic––after all, we want to ensure that we’re delivering the same amazing texture and the same level of efficacy! 

Are reef-safe chemical formulas OK to use? 

Clean chemical sunscreens are absolutely safe to use and we recommend that you do give them a try, especially if you have a deeper skin tone or if you’re participating in outdoor activities that require your pores to sweat (like running or going to the beach). These specific formulas allow for completely clear, weightless textures and they also let your pores breathe and sweat. As always, we’re committed to creating both clean chemical and 100% mineral SPF that is clean, effective and feel-good, because we’re all about giving you options so that you can pick which SPF works best for your skin tone, skin type and activity. 

Is the new packaging more sustainable than it was before? 

All of our new SPF cartons are fully recyclable. The bottles themselves are fairly similar than before in terms of sustainability – some things can be recycled, but others can’t. As we’ve mentioned, there are a lot of nuances when it comes to making environmentally-friendly SPF since sunscreen actives need to be stabilized and packaged in certain ways to remain safe and effective, but we’re always working on creative solutions so that we can be as green as possible. 

Are the formulas in the “old” packaging still OK/safe to use?

Yes! We still stand behind these formulas. We’re always reformulating in order to stay ahead of the curve, but that doesn’t mean our older formulas aren’t safe. We’re simply leaning into our motto of “test, learn, iterate.” 

When will I receive new packaging with my order?

Again, these types of SPF makeovers take quite a bit of time – especially when you’re trying to do everything in the most environmentally-friendly way possible (and not wanting to throw away bucket loads of stuff) – so some formulas are still in the works, but whatever you see on our website is what you get! 

What formulas have changed?

As of today (12/27/19), the following formulas have undergone an SPF refresh: Everyday Sunscreen, Unseen, Defense Refresh, Sunscreen Oil, Antioxidant Mist, 100% Mineral Mist and Hand Cream

+Any questions we didn’t anticipate? Please leave them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to get back to you! And in the meantime, you can find/shop our new lineup here.