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The Founders of MZ Wallace Share Why SPF Is Important to Them

mz wallace founders

Exciting news! We’ve partnered with the team over at MZ Wallace, one of our favorite accessories companies, on a super awesome kit. The MZ Wallace x Supergoop! Essentials Kit includes three of our best-selling sunscreens, including Unseen Sunscreen, PLAY Everyday Lotion and PLAY Lip Balm, in a customized MZ Wallace tote.

To celebrate the collaboration, we spoke with the founders of MZ Wallace, Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice, about why they created their beloved bag brand, their favorite sunscreen and what they’re up to during these strange times.

What’s the story behind MZ Wallace?

Monica: MZ Wallace was really born out of a need Lucy and I realized we shared — there were a lot of handbags out there, but not a lot of them worked in the way that we needed them to. We wanted something that would fit everything had to carry with us on a daily basis, and that we could carry around all day long in the city or traveling without worrying about getting it dirty — but that was still chic enough to take to dinner or an event in the evening. And we wanted to design something that would be as enduring in its aesthetic as the materials it was made of, something to last for years that you wouldn’t need — or want — to replace. It’s a lot to ask of a handbag.

Lucy: We always say MZ Wallace bags are designed to do more. It speaks to everything Monica said, but also to ourselves and our customers as people. We are all leading such busy, full lives — whether working, raising a family, participating in our communities, traveling — or all of the above. We wanted to create something to help people manage that kind of modern schedule. Our bags are made to be versatile, so you can use them to do more than one thing, and because of that, they also help you do more throughout your day.

Versatility is also something Supergoop! prides itself in – we create lots of options and we have a lot of multi-tasking products to make it easy for people to add SPF to whatever routine they have. What do both of these brands represent to you?

Lucy: Beyond the fact that the MZ Wallace x Supergoop! Essentials Kit includes some of our personal favorite products, we were so excited to work on this collaboration with Supergoop! because our brands have so much in common, despite being completely different categories. We both create solution-driven products that are designed to improve your life and help you through your day. Designing this kit together with Supergoop! really brings that philosophy to life.

Monica: Like Lucy said, our brands share so much DNA — we’re both product-focused brands that are rooted in innovation, and it’s clear that it’s as important to Supergoop! as it is to us to be connected with the consumer and reactive to their needs.

How does sunscreen fit into your daily routine?

Monica: I’m naturally fair, so using sunscreen every day — even if the sun isn’t shining — is really important to me, I burn so easily otherwise. I try to keep my skincare routine simple, but I always start the day with my go-to Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40. Since it goes on invisibly, it’s easy to swipe on wherever and whenever, even without a mirror.

Lucy: I use Superscreen Daily Moisturizer SPF 40 every morning, regardless of whether or not I plan on spending a lot of time outside that day. Working it into my daily skincare routine is an easy way for me to protect my skin without really having to think about it.

Also, my dermatologist told me that your lips are often one of the most sun-damaged areas of the body, because it’s so easy to forget to apply SPF there, so I always have the PLAY Lip Balm SPF 30 with me. I love that it tastes like mint, and not, well, sunscreen.

What are your go-to MZ Wallace bags?

Lucy: I love to bike as my main mode of transportation around NYC, so I need to be hands-free. I carry our Small Crosby Backpack often for that reason — a lot of backpacks skew sporty or too young, but our Italian leather and hardware details make it feel chic and adult.

Monica: So many women actually carry two bags at once, a large tote or carryall for the day, and a small crossbody for running errands or picking up lunch — I’m no exception! Recently, I’ve been carrying our Crosby Hobo, which is fairly roomy, and you can usually also find me with our new Metro Tote Deluxe, packed with everything I need for the day, from my yoga clothes to my lunch.

Where are you right now and how are you practicing self-care?

Monica: I have been working remotely from Montauk. Working from home, it’s easy and tempting to try to work straight through the day, but I’m finding that fresh air and long walks wherever and whenever possible are so important for managing stress. 

Lucy: I am home in New York City. For me, baths have become an important de-stressing part of my self-care ritual, followed by lots and lots of lotion (dry skin is a personal pet peeve!).

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