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How the Founders of HUM Practice Self-Care Every Day

founders of hum

In our interview with the founders of HUM, you’ll learn how the bestselling supplement brand came to be, how Chris and Walter practice self-care right now and the Supergoop! they love to wear.

If you are a monthly subscriber to HUM, you’re in for a treat during the month of July… because you’ll be receiving two Supergoop! products along with your supplements (a PLAY Everyday Lotion and an Unseen Sunscreen)!

Below, we chat with, Chris Coleridge and Walter Faustroh, the founders of HUM, all about the vitamins they take on the daily and why they wear sunscreen every day.

Walk us through the story of HUM – what inspired you to create the company?

Walter: I personally struggled with adult acne and managed to finally clear my skin with the help of a nutritionist and supplementation. Thinking that there may be other people with similar concerns out there, I discussed the idea with Chris, who was immediately on board. 

Chris: I loved the idea because it helped address a serious skin concern. We were both based in the UK at the time and wanted to relocate to the center of health and wellness: Los Angeles. I was immediately onboard, not only with the concept, but also the adventure of moving from rainy London to California.

What HUM vitamins do take daily?

W: I am currently all about immune-boosting. I’m taking Here Comes the Sun, which is a high potency D3 and absolutely necessary since I wear sunscreen. I also take Gut Instinct, which supports immunity through probiotics that enhance microbiome diversity, and Air Patrol, a highly absorbable form of vitamin C that is easy on the stomach. 

C: I’ve been taking Here Comes the Sun for years, since so few of us get enough vitamin D, even living in sunny California. I also swear by Big Chill, which has rhodiola, an amazing adaptogen to combat stress.

Where are you right now, and how are you practicing self-care?

W: For the first time in months I have left Los Angeles and I’m working from the desert in Palm Springs. I always loved this place — it allows me to pause, reflect and recharge. 

C: With the coronavirus, I’ve been working from home and haven’t been able to go to the gym.  To make up for this, I’ve been going on a 45 minute walk every day around the hills. On the walk, I leave my phone at home, which I find lets me truly relax since I can’t be tempted to check emails or make a call! 

How does sunscreen fit into your routine? 

W: I always wear sunscreen on my face and when outside, on my whole body. The sun is really strong here in Southern California. I’m obsessed with PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50 — it’s so easy to apply, delivers ultimate protection when I am active and also contains vitamin C, which I am also taking internally.

C: Before I moved to California, I have to admit that I had the worst sunscreen habits – meaning I never put it on unless I was on a beach (which was pretty rare!). Living in Los Angeles now, I have had to totally change my bad habits, so I put on Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 every morning. I love that it’s scentless and that you can’t see it. It’s also so easy to apply each day, it’s more like a lotion than a heavy sunscreen.

My thirteen-year-old daughter and I have started sharing PLAY Body Mousse SPF 50 when we go out together to have a game of tennis or a bike ride by the ocean. We particularly like the moussy, whipped texture, which is fun and easy to put on. We both have mild vitiligo, so we have to be really careful – if we get burned, it can leave sore red patches.

Why are you excited for the Hum x Supergoop! collab?

W: I love how Supergoop! protects me from the outside, while HUM looks after my inside. We are both focused on skin health and share a philosophy of clean ingredients and a commitment to protecting the oceans. 

C: Supergoop! and HUM’s products work incredibly well — they are deeply researched and you will see a positive effect, for sure. More generally, ever since I came to the States, I have seen both HUM and Supergoop! grow together, which has been really heartwarming — we really are the perfect combo, targeting the inside and the outside.

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