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How to Make the Holidays Super with Danielle Thompson

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For all the beauty gurus out there, shopping for the holidays can be the MOST fun. You get to give the gift of the perfect pout, the most voluminous lashes and lots more. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration from a fellow beauty enthusiast – with SPF in the mix – then look no further than Danielle Thompson, aka @miamibeautyvice.

Danielle is both a social media consultant and someone who is obsessed with beauty, which makes her Instagram a prime spot for all the makeup maestros out there. We recently asked her about what makes the holidays so special to her and what she plans on gifting this year (spoiler alert: Shimmershade was most definitely at the top of her list, for obvious reasons).

Hi, Danielle! Tell us what’s on your holiday agenda this year.
I live in Miami, and most of my family is eager to come to me for the holidays. So, I’ll be hosting everyone at home!

Ahh, we don’t blame them! What’s your favorite holiday tradition?
My family and I always get matching pajamas and have a game night on Christmas Eve. It’s super competitive but also super fun!

Matching holiday pj’s are our favorite! Do you have any holiday hacks to make the season easier?
My boyfriend and I actually make candles for fun, so around the holidays we just make a big batch of them and gift them. It’s incredibly convenient because who doesn’t love a candle?

Seriously! Do you have a cliché holiday activity that you secretly love?
My family bakes a bunch of cookies on Christmas Eve, and this should not be considered cliché because it’s delicious! Half of the cookies get eaten before Christmas Day.

We couldn’t agree more – and that sounds delicious. Now tell us…what are your holiday gift picks?
I will sing the praises of Unseen Sunscreen until the end of time. I recommend it to everyone who is skeptical of sunscreen because it’s the perfect sunscreen. It works beautifully by itself and as a makeup-gripping primer, which will appeal to a lot of my girlfriends.

Shimmershade is convenient, versatile and the shades are beautiful. Plus, not a lot of people are aware of how important it is to protect your eyelids from the harmful rays from the sun.

I’m also going to be gifting my mom friends Sunnyscreen for their kids! My four-year-old daughter is incredibly independent and she loves how easy and fun it is to apply the Sunnyscreen 100% Mineral Stick.

Then last but not least, the SPF, In Bloom Kit is going to be my stocking stuffer must this year.

What’s on your wishlist?
I would love to receive the Shimmershade Set, because I’m running low on two of the shades that I use almost every day (Sunset and Golden Hour) and I’d love to be able to try the two remaining colors, especially Daydream!

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