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How a Mom of Five Kids Convinces Them to Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day

Want to know how to get kids to wear sunscreen? First step: Find the best sunscreen for kids (hint: Sunnyscreen) and then use this mom’s genius tips to get your kids to actually enjoy wearing SPF every single day.

Are you trying to get your kiddos to adopt your healthy habit of daily SPF application? We feel you — the struggle is real. Don’t give up! It’s super important for anyone over six months to make SPF an everyday habit, just like brushing their teeth or washing their hands!

So how do you do it? First things first, start with finding the right sunscreen that not only feels great on your kids’ skin but also meets your ingredient needs, and most importantly, comes in a formula that your kiddos will actually want to apply. Sunnyscreen is our new non-nano 100% mineral SPF for babies and toddlers that’s the cleanest ever: It’s silicone-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, PEG-free, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and pediatrician-tested and approved.

Sunnyscreen comes in three different formats. There’s the classic Sunnyscreen 100% Mineral Lotion (for kids who love blending in SPF themselves), the Sunnyscreen 100% Mineral Spray (perfect for squirmy babies) and the Sunnyscreen 100% Mineral Stick (a spill-proof option that gets the job done fast).

Our next and final piece of advice: trust the experts! We’ve turned to our friend – California counselor, mom of five (under 10 years old!) and SPF enthusiast, Kristen (@raisingfivekind) – to tell us all of her sunscreen secrets. There really is no better person to tap for advice, if you ask us! So keep reading for everything she had to say – plus a few insanely cute photos of her kids, to boot!

What do you look for in a children’s sunscreen?

I would say there are two main things… The first might sound obvious, but it has to be effective and able to protect my kids’ skin from the sun’s strong UV rays. Secondly, it can’t have any harsh chemicals in it. Several of my children have sensitive skin, so finding a good, clean sunscreen that is safe for their bodies is key.

how to get kids to wear sunscreen

Was there anything about Sunnyscreen that really made it stand out?

Sunnyscreen has safe ingredients, fuss-free application and is lightweight but long-lasting – which I find to be three unique things.

The formulas are also compact and mess-proof, which means they’re easy to store and bring with us on-the-go. This is always a plus for a busy parent!

Since our children play outdoor sports and swim daily in the summer, we also like that it’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Any tips on where to keep your kiddos’ SPF?

We keep SPF all over, in all the accessible spots! In my bag, by our outdoor pool, in our bathrooms and one in each of the kids’ backpacks.

What are your secrets to getting your kids to wear SPF every day?

My husband and I have talked to our kids about what the benefits of daily SPF are – so I think that taking the time to actually explain those things to your kids is important and something that helps a lot.

We’ve also started to teach them these things from a very young age – and we keep SPF in each of the kids’ bathroom drawers or on their counters, where it’s nice and visible. Most of the time they’re good about following the steps in their daily prep routine but I can’t help but do an SPF check before we’re out the door!

What were your kids’ reactions to Sunnyscreen? Did they warm up to it fast?

The kids love Sunnyscreen! And we both like that it goes on a bit white, so we can see where it’s been applied. We even play a little game to see who can cover all the bare spots the best and of course who can finish the quickest. The kids get a kick out of this! My husband and I will help apply in all the hard-to-reach spots, but for the most part we want the kids to be hands-on to help develop their own self-care skills and routines.

[The kids and I] both like that Sunnyscreen goes on a bit white, so we can see where it’s been applied.

What are your best words of advice to parents when it comes to sunscreen?

Applying sunscreen may not be the most exciting part of our day, but it definitely needs to be a priority. And again, having SPF stored in sight and in easily accessible places like your purse, your kids’ sports bag and on your bathroom counters is helpful.

When you acknowledge the benefits of sunscreen and begin implementing it as part of your kids’ daily morning routines, it will be less of a task and more of a good habit, just like applying daily moisturizer and brushing your teeth – this is exactly what I tell my children!

+What are your tips on how to get kids to wear sunscreen? Share your hacks in the comments below!