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How To: Get A Sunless Glow (No Tanning Required!)

You may love to get a sunkissed tan every summer, but unfortunately any change of color on your skin that’s caused by UV light — either from the sun or from tanning beds — is a sign of skin damage.

Luckily, there’s a better way to get a year-round, head-to-toe glow…no tanning required! Just follow these four simple steps:

STEP ONE: Start with a sunless tan

Apply Healthy Glow Sunless Tan SPF 40, our moisturizing spray-lotion that protects while delivering natural-looking, buildable color. It delivers a full-body tan that develops in just two to four hours. Plus, you don’t need to shower off after applying. (Nice!)

STEP TWO: Give your face a dewy glow

Use our bestselling Glowscreen SPF 40 to hydrate and instantly illuminate your face. Bonus: It doubles as a primer, so your fave makeup products will layer perfectly on top!

STEP THREE: Add some full-body radiance

Extend your glow from head to toe with Glowscreen Body SPF 40, a subtly shimmery body lotion that hydrates, protects and illuminates skin. Think of it as your daily body lotion meets glowy highlighter — plus major skincare benefits.

STEP FOUR: Bask in all your safely-sunkissed glory

That’s it! Now get out there and glow get ‘em 😉✨