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How I SPF: Isabelle’s Skincare-Heavy Routine

how to mix sunscreen with skincare

Wondering how to mix sunscreen with skincare products? In this How I SPF video, Isabelle shows how well sunscreen plays with skincare and makeup:

Isabelle, who works on our brand marketing team, is a skincare aficionado who also happens to love sunscreen. In her routine, she first preps her skin with a vitamin C serum and then layers on sunscreen (since sunscreen helps vitamin C work better). She also shows how to set makeup with sunscreen and how to mix sunscreen with skincare.

Below, a couple of Isabelle’s favorite Supergoop! products, along with the reasons why she loves them:

Mineral Matte Screen SPF 40: “You can use it as a daily sunscreen and a makeup primer. I love it because it’s a mineral formula and if you’ve ever had acne in the past, it’s really gentle and it sort of blends in like butter to your skin.”

Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45: “It lets you get one more dose of SPF before you head out for the day and this is really great because it’s sweat-resistant and it also locks in your makeup.”

+Which sunscreens do you love mixing with skincare? What’s the result? How do you mix sunscreen with skincare? Share your tips in the comments below!