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How I SPF: Featuring Dermatologist & Sports Entrepreneur Christina Lee Chung, M.D.

This spring, we’re shining a spotlight on five inspiring individuals who live their brightest lives with joy, passion and a healthy dose of SPF.

In this article, we sat down with dermatologist & sports entrepreneur Christina Lee Chung, M.D. to discover how SPF plays a role in her life, as a mom, a derm and a woman with an active lifestyle.

Tell us about yourself! 

My name is Christina Chung and I am a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cutaneous oncology — the practice of recognizing, preventing, treating and understanding the science behind skin cancer. I have a specific interest in skin cancer that arises in transplant patients of color.

What is your ideal morning routine? 

I’ll usually head downstairs and one of my favorite parts of the morning is being greeted by my ever-so-sweet eight-year-old son who still retains his very babyish spirit, so I love that! I cook breakfast for my kids and I love chatting with them on their way to school, walking through the park. That little over a half mile walk is another one of my favorite parts of my day. And then honestly I take down a good cup of coffee! 

What role does sunscreen play in your life? 

Wearing SPF is important for so many reasons! Number one is that prevention is 100% the name of the game. As a dermatologist, I see every day the difference between patients who wear sunscreen and patients who don’t. Doesn’t matter if they are young or old, male or female, light- or dark-complected — I can tell! Sun protection is multi-faceted, but if I had to pick one thing to do to prevent skin cancer, it’s most definitely wearing sunscreen every day! For me, personally, being a person of color, and especially one that loves being active, SPF is the single best defense against dark spots, wrinkles, and, well, aging in general! Being at lower risk for sun-induced skin cancer doesn’t mean I don’t have to wear sunscreen. And the last thing, sunburn hurts — I’ve been there!

How do you incorporate Every. Single. Face. Watery Lotion SPF 50 into your daily routine?

I can do without makeup or hair products, but I literally feel naked if I leave without putting my Supergoop! on! I keep it in so many places — bathroom cabinet, car, tennis bag, Camelpak, ‘running drawer,’ by the back door, etc. But I don’t use it just for running, it goes on before long car rides, gardening, heading to practice with my ultimate frisbee team, you name it! Yes, completely obsessed with reapplication!

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Christina’s SPF Picks:
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