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How I SPF: Featuring Content Creator & Entrepreneur Sana Javeri Kadri

Meet Sana Javeri Kadri! A content creator and entrepreneur, Sana is a master at living bright  — she even started her own spice company that’s founded on sunshine (just like us!). Read on to learn more about how she runs her brand, prioritizes herself and lives bright every day.

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Sana Javeri Kadri, I’m from Mumbai, India by way of Duino, Italy and California. These days, I am the founder and CEO of Diaspora Co. a new kind of spice company rooted in flavor, equity and culture which means I bounce between Oakland, CA and Mumbai, MH!

What’s something that feels like sunshine to you?

Turmeric (a.k.a. sunshine in a bottle!). I started my company out of a deep love for the color of turmeric, which is also the color of marigolds and saffron. It’s what happiness looks like if I were to close my eyes. Knowing that we source the best turmeric in the world from one of South Asia’s most beautiful farms is pure “sunshine-level” joy.

Share something you love to do
Every. Single. Day.™

I write down one thing that I’m grateful for. It’s integral for my mental health, and to constantly keep my life in perspective.

How does Supergoop! make you feel?

Great! I love how I found a brand that cares about my skin and is committed to easy, accessible and sustainable skincare!

What is one (or a few!) of your goals for 2022? 

Take more time off! I’ve spent five years building an incredible company, but I know that I won’t be able to lead it for the next five if I don’t unplug from it all and take some time away.

Why do you like Every. Single. Face. SPF 50 and why does it work for your routine?

It’s light, moisturizing and feels good! I’m pretty minimal about my skincare, so I love that it means I just have to wash my face, use a serum, use this and I’m done!