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How to Make the Holidays Super with Eric Alan

Eric Alan (aka @moisturizedman) is a self-proclaimed skinfluencer and digital content creator…meaning he’s in front of his phone for the better part of his workday. We chatted with him to see how he’s super-i-fying the holidays this year, with a bit of a techie bent.

Aside from being glued to his phone for digital content creation, Eric Alan is also a professor and talent consultant. So we thought he would know a thing or two about balancing the holidays, while keeping all things tech-related top of mind. Keep reading to discover what’s on his agenda – as well as his tips and gift picks.

What are you up to when you’re not moisturizing?
When I’m not moisturizing, you can find me binge-watching a new Netflix series, planning class activities for next semester, Googling tropical beaches that I one day hope to visit and exploring my hometown of San Francisco with my dog.

Sounds super fun. What’s your tip for managing everything that needs to be done during the holiday season?
Plan ahead! This is a helpful tip I tell my college students each semester; look ahead so that you aren’t overwhelmed at the last minute.

What’s on your holiday agenda this year?
I go to Lake Tahoe each holiday to spend time in the snow and relax in the crisp, fresh air with friends and family.

How about your favorite tradition?
I love to cook with my friends and family. Kitchens are a communal spot where people laugh, share stories and bond over food. A big thing my friends and family love to do around the holidays is try out new recipes!

Yum! What’s your go-to holiday hack?
When it comes to gifting, always go from the heart! A gift that is well thought out and connects to the person being gifted is super important to me. I’m all about useful gifts that also have lots of meaning to them.

What do you find to be the most underrated holiday activity?
Playing Spoons! After we eat, we all enjoy getting together around the table to play Spoons. If you haven’t played, definitely try! It’s such a crowd-pleaser.

What are you holiday gift picks this year?
Unseen Sunscreen and Glow Stick, for sure! Most of my friends are just like me and are always on their phone. Unseen is great because it works on all skin tones. Glow Stick, on the other hand, is great for my family and friends who love being outdoors, whether in the mountains or on the beach. It slips nicely into your backpack or pocket and is perfect for easy SPF reapplication.

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