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How to Make the Holidays Super with Lisa Przystup

lisa prystrup

If you’re ever craving some major wanderlust, take a look at Lisa Przystup’s instagram. She’s a freelance writer and copy editor who’s also always traveling to the coolest places and capturing the most magical moments while she does it. So, we decided to chat with her about what’s on her holiday agenda – and what Supergoop! SPF she’s bringing along for the ride.

Keep reading to discover what’s on Lisa’s holiday agenda, the SPF that’s topping her wishlist and her #1 travel tip…!

What’s on your holiday agenda this year?
The usual. Driving all up and down the northeastern seaboard (NYC to Syracuse to PA to D.C.) over the span of one week because my husband and I are overly ambitious, sentimental masochists who make it a point to try and see all branches of each of our families every year. But this year we’ll be rewarding ourselves by spending New Year’s Eve in Naples, Florida in t-shirts and shorts.

Sounds like a wild but fun ride! Now tell us about your favorite holiday tradition.
I’m half Polish and my husband is half Ukrainian—and we both grew up eating a traditional Eastern European Christmas Eve dinner with our families: pierogies, kielbasa, horseradish, borscht, and pickled herring (for good luck in the new year). When we first met each other, we were beyond thrilled to find that we shared this same tradition. (After all, pickled herring is a tough sell and could really be a deal-breaker for most.) But every year before we hit the road for our family holiday tour, we take advantage of the living in a very Polish neighborhood in Brooklyn by stocking up on all those goods and cooking our own version of that dinner.

Then, we go for a post-dinner walk to “oooh” and “aaah” at all the neighborhood Christmas lights. It’s such a nice way to find a slice of calm before all the madness.

We love that. Do you happen to have any go-to holiday hacks?
Cotton balls strung onto dental floss make the most whimsical decorations. It only takes a second, and it’s cheap and easy (unlike the rest of the holiday season). I like to make ours while watching Home Alone.

So cute. Now what will you be gifting this year?
I’m a godmother twice over, and everyone I know has kids. I also exclusively choose bottles of wine based on their label design. The Sunnyscreen™ Set just so happens to be perfect for kids and is wrapped in really cute packaging…so it checks both of those boxes.

I love gift sets and I love the words “getaway” and “glow,” so The Getaway + Glow Set is at the top of my list. Nothing feels better than slathering oil all over your body, and the fact that it’s also part of doing the right thing (i.e. wearing SPF) makes it all the better.

What’s the one travel tip you live by when you’re on-the-go?
Always, always overpack. Also, pack an extra bag for all the things you’ll buy. Nothing thrills my husband more than me lugging home a bunch of extra stuff on top of all the extra stuff I packed.

+Shop all our SPF gift picks for globetrotters here. What’s your best holiday travel hack? Share it in the comments below!