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How to Make the Holidays Super with Holly Thaggard

There is truly no better way to kick off our holiday how-to series than with our very own Holly Thaggard. As the creator of Supergoop! and mom of two, she can certainly handle everything the holidays throw her way…and still stay true to her SPF-obsessed self in the process. Here is her guide to the most wonderful time of the year.

When it comes to “how to make the holidays super,” we had a hunch that our very inspiring founder would have lots to say. Here, we chat with Holly (@hollythaggard) about what she’s up to this season, her favorite holiday hacks and her go-to SPF gift picks.

Hi, Holly! Please tell us…what will you be up to this holiday season?
For me, the holidays always revolve around family…my husband and two kiddos and our extended family. This year has been heavy on the travel so I’m super excited to stay in Texas and celebrate my brother and his family, who will be moving to Austin this spring. There will be lots of ranch time, which includes cooking, riding horses, reading and skeet shooting. Plus bonfires, s’mores and late night talks by the fire are also on the agenda!

So fun – and so much FOMO! Any holiday traditions that you’re particularly looking forward to?
My son and daughter are a bit older now (12 and 14, respectively), but our holiday morning is still like one big pajama party. We open presents, pop champagne, laugh and enjoy eating my son Will’s famous french toast, my favorite smoked salmon, and, of course, everyone’s favorite homemade breakfast tacos with freshly-blended hot sauce. The evenings are all about chilling out in front of a fire, watching a family movie or making homemade pizza.

Sounds right up our alley! With all the holiday bustle, do you have a hack to make the season easier?
I’m the queen of list-making, and I find that to be really key to accomplishing all of my to-dos. I still do them the old-fashioned way –handwritten in my Moleskin journal — but the process is almost therapeutic for me.  I love marking off each thing with my light blue Mr. Sketch highlighter!

Then, this isn’t necessarily a hack, but I also love wrapping everyone’s gifts in beautiful ways that will make each person smile, with handwritten name tags so that nothing gets lost underneath the tree!

How thoughtful! And we love your handwriting. 🙂 Now, what is a cliché holiday activity that you happen to love?
I love baking simple treats with our kiddos, especially around the holidays. I’m particularly known for my famous Rice Krispie Treats recipe.

We’ve been lucky enough to be the recipient of those and they are truly the best! OK, here comes the fun part! What are you giving as gifts this year?
Giving Superscreen for the holidays is always a favorite of mine. Who doesn’t need a multitasking moisturizer that also protects your skin from the sun, thanks to SPF 40!? Plus, the name is so fun…my friends who have received it in the past always tell me how cute it is.

Photo credit: Liz Clayman

Beyond that, I also love gifting a preview of whatever our newest launch is at Sephora. Everyone always seems to appreciate the sneak peek, and it gives us a quick minute to celebrate the future of SPF…and going where no sunscreen has gone before! I love demonstrating our true innovation, which is what our brand is most known for.

What gift would you like to receive this season?
This SPF-Obsessed Kit, hands down! I feel like it was named after me…in fact, I know it was. 😉

+Shop all our gift picks for the SPF-obsessed folks on your list here. Have a question for Holly about the holidays or what SPF to give your loved ones? Leave them in the comments below!