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How to Make the Holidays Super with Dino Malvone

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Dino Malvone (@dinomalvone) is one of the most inspiring fitness instructors out there. Not only is his new NYC-based class SaltDrop challenging in the best possible way, but he also has an infectious energy that lifts you up and instantly puts everything – work stress, relationship drama, negative self-talk, whatever – into perspective. We had the chance to chat with him about how he approaches the holidays…and how SPF fits into the picture.

When we say that Dino is one of the best workout teachers on the planet, we mean it. He makes sure that everyone leaves each one of his classes at SaltDrop (aka@thesaltdrop) — a beat-driven, mat-based celebration of movement that he launched a little over a month ago — feeling thankful for their bodies…AND feeling like they really accomplished something, both physically and mentally.

It was a no-brainer for us to talk with someone as motivating as he is about how to make the holidays super, so read on to discover more tidbits from one of our all-time favorite athletes.

First off, tell us what inspired you to start SaltDrop.

I got my start in fitness five years ago at barre3 West Village. At the time, I was working in real estate in New York City, and like a lot of us, I was struggling to find passion at work. One day, I took a barre3 class, and after my very first class, I knew I wanted to teach it. Two auditions later, I was on my way to becoming an instructor. I then became the studio director and turned a struggling location that was barely surviving into the most successful one in the country.

At that point, I knew I had unlocked my passion, and in October of this year, I launched my own business, SaltDrop, that’s both fun and hard AF. I like to call this workout a celebration of movement. We get the body really warm for the first half of class, and then end things on a high note with some effervescent plyometrics. It leaves you feeing like a real badass.

That’s so inspiring. Now, tell us… What’s on your holiday agenda this year?
I love the holidays so much. This year, like every year since 2011, I have a big Friendsgiving planned. All of my best friends are NYC transplants, and we’ve created our own holiday traditions together, here in the city. I look forward to spending this time with them all year long.

For Christmas, I always head back to Pennsylvania to see my family. My mom owns an Italian restaurant, so you can imagine the amount of amazing food I get to eat!

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?
Hands down, my favorite holiday tradition is getting together with my two childhood best friends, Gabi and Jess. We make it a point to spend at least a little time together while I’m home, and the joy it brings me is immeasurable.

How about your go-to holiday hack?
OK, so I live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, and I have all of one closet in my entire place. Yes, one. I also happen to love collecting coffee mugs. (There, I said it!) So, my holiday season hack is…drinking from my holiday mugs all year round because I have zero space to store them. It’s a little slice of holiday cheer for every day of the year!

That. Is. The. Best. How about the one cliché holiday activity that you secretly – or not-so-secretly – love the most?
I’m zero percent embarrassed about this and would gladly shout it from the rooftops: I love Home Alone! I’ve watched it hundreds of times. I watch it year-round, and when I’m home for the holidays, I watch it so much that even my mom can recite the movie. I will also gladly watch Home Alone 2...just sayin’.

Please count us in for a viewing party. Now, what are your Supergoop! gift picks – to give or to get?
Honestly, it’s hard to choose, but I’ll tell you my top two picks. First, I love Everyday Sunscreen. Since I teach fitness, I need something that’s going to last, and this one does thanks to being sweat-resistant for 80 minutes. I also love that it doesn’t smell like your typical sunscreen.

My other pick is Glow Stick. It became one of my favorites while I was on vacation, and I used it to keep my tattoos from fading in the sun.

+Shop all our SPF gift picks for athletes here. Love Dino’s plans? And gift picks? Now tell us what’s on your agenda…AND what your favorite Supergoop! SPF is for working out in the comments below.