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Hello Holly: The Stat Behind Glowscreen Body

Several years ago, while visiting with a group of oncologists and dermatologists at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York,  I learned about a very unfortunate trend: One of the fastest growing places skin cancer is found in women is the back of their legs…all because wearing SPF here was so frequently forgotten.

As someone who has dedicated her life to skin cancer prevention, I knew we had to do something to help women better protect their legs. We’ve made it our mission to educate and inspire daily SPF use, so how could we get women excited about applying SPF to their bodies in the same way that they’ve started applying it in their daily skincare routine? I decided we should develop a new daily body lotion, but the question was how to make it something women would really want to wear. Every. Single. Day.

The answer came from one of our bestselling SPFs…Glowscreen! From the moment the world fell in love with this glowy SPF + primer, we started getting requests for a body product that delivered the same instant illumination. We received so many requests, actually, that it became one of our most requested products, ever.

So, my team and I set out to make Glowscreen Body SPF 40: A daily body lotion that not only helps women better protect their skin, but also provides a luminous glow and skincare benefits, so you can give your whole body the same care that you give your face.

One of my favorite things about Glowscreen Body is the whipped texture — it’s so nourishing and it gives your skin the most beautiful, subtle shimmer. I use it every day for a healthy, full-body glow!

I’m super excited that this product is delivering something that our fans have been asking for, and I’m even more excited that it’s a great way to get full-body SPF protection. After all, there’s nothing better (or healthier-looking!) than glowing, protected skin.