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Hello Holly: Why Our Founder Created Bright-Eyed 100% Mineral Eye Cream SPF 40

Wondering what the story is behind Supergoop!’s Bright-Eyed Eye Cream? Learn straight from our founder, Holly Thaggard, all about the inspiration behind this innovative product.

Since 2007, I’ve been committed to bringing you fun but practical ways to stay SPF-protected from head-to-toe. With the launch of Shimmershade last spring, I checked off one of my biggest SPF dreams of all time – to give people a pretty, playful way to get sunscreen onto their eyelids. 

Given that this product flew off the shelves (AND that it was named as one of the best inventions of 2019 by Time), I realized the great need for even more innovative ways to get SPF onto the eye area. 

supergoops bright-eyed

Enter: Bright-Eyed 100% Mineral Eye Cream SPF 40. Bright-Eyed is a daily eye cream that provides 360 sun protection for your eyes. It’s also something that anyone can easily slip into their morning routine, no matter what your skincare or beauty routine may be. I love that it contains SPF 40, but I also love that, like all of our other formulas, it’s packed with other cool stuff…like ingredients that help brighten under-eye circles. 

One of the reasons I created Supergoop! was so that people could live in the sunshine…so it’s also my hope that Bright-Eyed enables you to Be Bright-Eyed in all that you do. You may be wondering what being Bright-Eyed means to me, so in the spirit of 2020 new year’s resolutions, I’ll tell you… It’s my hope that Bright-Eyed will serve as a daily reminder for me to be more observant, be more dynamic, be more surprised, be more curious, be more focused and more! Now, you tell me…how do you want to Be Bright-Eyed this year? I’m looking forward to hearing.


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