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Hello Holly: Why Our Founder Created Sunnyscreen for Babies and Toddlers

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When it comes to finding the safest sunscreen for babies, our founder and mom of two, Holly Thaggard, has been thinking about it for over 10 years (back when she first launched Supergoop!). Below, we talk with her about our new line for babies and kiddos, Sunnyscreen SPF 50!, her inspiration for creating it and what makes it so very special.

Tell us what inspired you to create Sunnyscreen!

Well, I’m a mom of two and I used to be an elementary schoolteacher, so creating a sunscreen especially for little ones has always been top of mind for me. I’ve always been super passionate about teaching babies and kiddos the importance of wearing SPF daily, because I learned early on in my Supergoop! journey that it’s the sun damage that we get at these young ages that can lead to skin damage later in life. My dream is for SPF to become a daily habit for little ones, just like brushing their teeth and washing their hands is. So now hopefully Sunnyscreen makes that more achievable – it’s clean and fun and made with sensitive skin and busy little bodies in mind.

That’s amazing. So speaking of clean, we know that moms can be pickier than ever when it comes to finding the perfect SPF for their mini me’s. How did you take this into consideration when choosing how to formulate Sunnyscreen?

We actually went straight to them for their feedback! We asked probably a hundred or so parents about their dream sunscreen, and they told us exactly what they were looking for. What we ended up with was a seemingly impossible wishlist: Squeaky clean ingredients, no smell, easy to apply, pediatrician-approved and more… But I’m happy to report that Sunnyscreen checks all the boxes, and then some. Parents will discover three formulas with zero compromises. Each of them is silicone-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, PEG-free, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, pediatrician tested and approved and more.

We’re sure parents out there will be totally thrilled. Tell us more about each of the formulas! What will they find?

We wanted to create a variety of textures that felt nice and that were actually fun and easy to apply.

So they’ll find three different formats to choose from: a lotion, a stick and a spray. The classic Sunnyscreen 100% Mineral Lotion can be great for toddlers who may want to put SPF on themselves. Then the Sunnyscreen 100% Mineral Spray boasts a spot-on application that’s perfect for wiggle worms. Then the Sunnyscreen 100% Mineral Stick is pocket-sized and spill-proof – it’s so great for moms on-the-go. And then all three have SPF 50 and broad spectrum protection, too.

Holly and her daughter, Emery, about 13 years ago

What makes Sunnyscreen different from other sunscreens for babies on the market?

Well this really goes back to that checklist I was mentioning – a lot of the other sunscreen out there will check some boxes but not others… They say they’re clean, but they aren’t (they’ll use aerosol sprays or unnecessarily high SPF numbers or a blend of mineral and chemical actives). Or they actually are clean, but they aren’t fun to apply and they certainly don’t feel good. Or they aren’t actually effective at protecting the skin from the sun’s damaging rays. But I really think we did a good job of delivering on everything. We made three totally uncompromising formulas.

How did you personally get your kids into the habit of applying sunscreen every day?

I’ve always approached sunscreen a bit like slipping peas into peanut butter… I would slip SPF into some really fun formulas in order to make it more appealing for my kiddos. I really believe that if you give them a fun way to wear SPF, then the habit will soon follow.

Starting to teach your kids about daily SPF at a young age is also important – it’s far easier to teach them how to adopt a habit early on versus teaching them how to change their behavior later.

+Have more questions about the safest sunscreen for babies or Sunnyscreen for Holly? Leave them in the comments and we’ll ask her directly!