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Hello Holly: Meet the “Perfect White Tee” of SPF

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about what white tees and SPF have in common, and the truth is, a lot. They’re both must-haves, they’re both reliable and neither one of them is going out of style anytime soon. 😉 Case in point: I’ve had some version of this white t-shirt since 2018 (all thanks to my friend, skincare expert Cori Zeichner, aka @thedermwife!) and I kid you not, I must wear it 75% of the week, every week. (As far as SPF goes, y’all know that no one has been able to catch me going a single day without our products since 2007!) 

Here at Supergoop!, I liken each one of our formulas to “little white tees.” Our goal is to make beauty bag-slash-dopp kit classics that will never, ever go out of style––after all, protection for your skin never does! We’re all about options, and with over 40 formulas and counting, we have a lot. 

“Protection for your skin never goes out of style.”

A new option that I’m so super happy to introduce to you today is Sheerscreen SPF 30. It’s our white tee for people who love 100% mineral SPF, and we made it with deeper skin tones in mind, hence its incredibly sheer nature. Up until recently, we hadn’t found a way to make a mineral SPF that lived up to our product development philosophy that was also whisper-thin like this one, most notably because mineral sunscreen actives are, by nature, thick white particles. 

BUT, we finally figured out a workaround, and this is how we did it… We worked tirelessly (as always) with our chemists, and we were able to develop the world’s first-ever SheerMatrix Technology™, which is – on an extremely microscopic level – a technology that allowed us to stretch out these incredibly dense, solid-colored mineral actives to achieve a level of sheerness that will not––I repeat will not!–– compromise their effectiveness. It’s sort of like (you guessed it!) your favorite white, sheer T-shirt: still white, but whispery thin and perfect.  

So coming full circle, SPF should be like that timeless white T-shirt that you can wear every day. And now with Sheerscreen in the mix, there is a new forever favorite here, just ready and waiting. 

Holly, Supergoop! Founder