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Hello Holly: Our Founder on Our New Problem Solver, Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40

Our founder Holly has always had a penchant for product … and for problem solving. Here, she tells us more about her latest solution, Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40. 

Even before creating Supergoop!, I have always had a penchant for product. Today, it’s one of my many jobs here that I still hold very close to my heart. 

Our product development philosophy is quite simple: We seek to make clean, innovative, feel-good SPF. But problem solving has also always been at the very center of what we do, in both big and small ways (the big picture: SPF helps solve the problem of skin cancer), and I have the great responsibility of delivering products to the world that will fix things, while also making skincare routines simpler and more fun in the process. 

This problem solving is exactly what inspired our latest launch, the world’s first-ever Vitamin C serum with SPF 40, Daily Dose. Now you may be wondering what problem Daily Dose solves exactly, and the truth is, I didn’t know about it myself until a few years ago when we were talking with a few of our chemists.

They explained to us that when you apply vitamin C to your skin and then expose it to the sun without SPF, it is “photoincinerated,” or totally burned off and rendered ineffective. But, when combined with SPF, it is protected from the sun’s UV rays so that it’s actually able to do its job of helping to brighten the skin and make it look more radiant and luminous (things that we are probably all very familiar with, given that vitamin C is one of the buzziest, most researched skincare ingredients out there).

“Daily dose fixes two problems: the problem of sun damage to our skin, and the problem of sun damage to Vitamin C, specifically.”

Needless to say, all of that crucial information really set a lightbulb off. I thought it was about time for us, the Experts in SPF, to really over deliver with a product that would simply solve this problem in an easy-to-apply and—dare I say—fun way. 

Not even in my wildest SPF dreams did I imagine that we would end up with the product that I’m introducing to you today, although I won’t pretend that it didn’t take us a while to get here. (Three years and 15 versions, to be exact.) Daily Dose allows vitamin C to do its job—along with the helping hand that it so crucially needs from SPF––and it’s also luxurious, opalescent, lightweight and serum-y, which are all things that I actually haven’t experienced from many vitamin C products out there. (And, I’ve tried a lot.) I sure do love the fact that I can now properly get my vitamin C fix with SPF—and without a strange smell, texture or discoloration situation in the mix. 

Everyone’s been saying that brighter days are up ahead; and while I’ll never disagree with that, I’ve got yet another reason to agree with it now, all thanks to Daily Dose.