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Hello Holly: Let’s Spread the Word About SPF

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and I love this time of year because so many people are finally talking about my favorite year-round topic: SPF!

The industry does such a wonderful job of educating everyone, everywhere about this all-important subject during this time, and it’s encouraging for me to know that some people who never knew about the importance of SPF are learning about it for the first time today.

If you’re new here, then I’d love to tell you why all of this means so much to me. More than 15 years ago, I was inspired to change the way the world thinks about SPF. Why? Because that was when I found out that wearing sunscreen can help substantially reduce your risk of skin cancer, the most widespread form of cancer in America. Yet no one (not even me!) wanted to wear it because it was sticky, tacky and messy…among other things! The problem wasn’t that there wasn’t enough sunscreen out there, it was that there wasn’t the right sunscreen. So, I set out to change the game by creating SPF that people would actually want to wear every day.

The result was Supergoop! — the world’s first clean, feel-good, innovative SPF that essentially defied the sunscreen odds. Our products have always lived up to their name, and we have inspired people around the world to not only wear sunscreen but to have fun doing it! It’s been so amazing to see how each generation has embraced wearing SPF every day in their own way. As a founder, that’s the best result I could ever ask for: Creating a brand that contributes to the greater good, and sparks contagious joy in the process.  

If we continue to spread the word about SPF, we can help stop melanoma in its tracks.

Now, this Skin Cancer Awareness Month reminds me of all the progress we’ve made, and motivates me to think of how much farther we can go to help end the epidemic of skin cancer. Today (May 3rd) is Melanoma Monday — an entire day that’s dedicated to raising awareness about this specific type of skin cancer, which also happens to be the most malignant. According to our friends at the Melanoma Research Alliance, 90% of all skin cancers, including melanoma, are directly related to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Which means if we continue to spread the word about SPF, we can help stop melanoma in its tracks.

If I’ve learned anything over the past decade and a half, it’s that no one can change the world alone — it takes teamwork. So I’m asking you to join me on my mission. All month long, we’ll be spreading the “Wear Sunscreen” message wider than ever with a super exciting new morning-show-themed campaign called Good Morning Supergoop!. We’ll be sharing SPF newsflashes, useful tips and fun facts with the help of some of our most inspiring brand fans and partners. It’ll be a really fun reminder to start each day the Supergoop! way…with SPF and a healthy dose of humor!

If you want to get involved, there are plenty of ways to join us: Tell us your #wearsunscreen story on social media, share the campaign with family and friends or shop our classic Wear Sunscreen tee — not only does it help spread the word about SPF, but we’ll also be donating $10 from every tee sold during Skin Cancer Awareness Month to the Melanoma Research Alliance to help fund critical research.

I hope you’ll join us in spreading this all-important message so that everyone, everywhere can fully embrace the joy that comes from wearing sunscreen — and one day living in a world that’s skin cancer-free.