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Why Our Founder Holly Is Glad the FDA is Reevaluating Sunscreen Ingredients

If you’re paying attention to what’s happening in skincare, you’ve probably heard or read reports about the new Food and Drug Administration’s sunscreen regulations and sunscreen ingredients. As someone who has dedicated her life to the mission of having everyone wear sunscreen every single day, I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

First up, this is an important and long overdue step in SPF regulation. You may not realize this, but the last monograph on SPF was written by the FDA in 1999 (20 years ago!), and while there was a revision in 2011 to cap the maximum protection factor at SPF 50 and to acknowledge the importance of broad spectrum protection, the individual ingredient data has never been altered. Needless to say, the world has changed a lot since then. From the very creation of Supergoop!, I’ve made it our purpose to push forward the thinking in this category and am excited to see the industry take a step back to evaluate and confirm exactly what ingredients are safe and effective for consumers.

Second, I am still learning and investigating the details behind this announcement. I have spent the last week in D.C. at a science conference with dermatologists, industry advocates and experts in the laws that exist around public health. While it would be premature of me to make any assessment, we are committed to keeping you updated and ensuring that our brand and our products remain at the forefront of any changes to come. You can rest assured that since day one, we’ve been dedicated to offering feel-good formulas that are made with the highest quality, non-toxic ingredients. We’re the only sunscreen brand that publishes efficacy reports for each product on our website, as well as a “No List” of over 100 ingredients that we don’t use. The list continues to grow as we learn of new developments in science and technology, to ensure that we continue to offer best-in-class formulas for everyone. After all, Everyday Sunscreen, my first formula, was the first oxybenzone- and paraben-free chemical formula on the market and is now on its eighth iteration — and we won’t be afraid to iterate again!

Please, continue to wear sunscreen, as it remains the most important thing you can do to protect your skin.

Third, I passionately believe that it is important for us not to forget the reason sunscreen was created in the first place: to stop the epidemic of skin cancer, as it affects one in five Americans. Please, continue to wear sunscreen, as it remains the most important thing you can do to protect your skin. The FDA has already placed titanium dioxide and zinc oxide on the list of approved ingredients, and while the rest of the list is still under review, if you are at all concerned, we recommend wearing a sunscreen with either of these actives, of which we offer many options.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any thoughts and questions, and we’ll continue to share the latest updates as we learn more.