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Hello Holly: Celebrating 5 Years of Defense Refresh (Re)Setting Mist with My Limited-Edition Design

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It feels like just yesterday, but it was five years ago that our ground-breaking SPF setting spray, Defense Refresh (Re)Setting Mist SPF 40 was introduced as the best way to reapply sunscreen over your makeup or just refresh your SPF. To celebrate, we asked Holly to walk us through the story of Defense Refresh and why it’s so special to her, as well as share more about her very own limited edition design.

Let’s talk about your original idea for Defense Refresh… how did you dream up this SPF?

I’ve always been super focused on creating SPF that has never been done before… a water-resistant, won’t-burn-your-eyes essential like PLAY Everyday Lotion and our original eye cream …with SPF 40 of course. So my next move was to figure out how we can create an easy and fun way to reapply SPF midday. Quick fact: You should reapply your SPF about every 2-3 hours for daily protection!

Here’s another fun fact: As I was trying to figure out the best way to educate on the importance of reapplication, the number one question we were getting from customers was how to apply sunscreen without messing up their makeup.

And that’s when the lightbulb turned on for the idea of Defense Refresh (Re)Setting Mist. We wanted to create a light mist that wouldn’t interfere with your makeup, or just have something people can spritz on throughout the day to reapply their SPF fast and easy. Defense Refresh was born in 2015 and was the first of its kind. It smelled great, wasn’t sticky and was a super fine mist that contained broad spectrum SPF protection.

A true SPF innovation and runaway hit, Defense Refresh launched as the only available solution to the problem of staying protected throughout the day without disturbing your makeup. This really put us on the map as a brand that really thinks about how to effortlessly incorporate sunscreen into existing routines, and it helped people understand that SPF can be in the products that they already love. 

Defense Refresh was a turning point in my mission to change the way the world thinks about sunscreen. I remember people being just amazed that they could spray SPF over their makeup – it continued selling out, and we felt like we couldn’t make it fast enough!

How has Defense Refresh evolved over the years?

While Defense Refresh was loved by so many when it launched, we always strive to make our existing products the best they can be, so over the last year we tweaked the Defense Refresh formula to make it even better. The Defense Refresh of today is now reef-friendly, has a lighter scent (it still has that wonderful blend of peppermint and rosemary oils) and an even finer mist. It still has broad spectrum SPF 40 and still goes over makeup or bare skin perfectly without any hassle.

And because Defense Refresh is so beloved, and we’ve made it even better, we’re so excited to launch five different limited-edition designs over the course of this year. Each design “drop” is a collaboration with a brand friend — I can’t wait to see what you think of the beautiful designs and the people we’ve partnered with!

Speaking of limited edition designs, we’re starting off with your very own design drop! Let’s talk about what your design means to you…

I’m so thrilled to launch the anniversary designs with mine!  My design was inspired by my Southern roots and my favorite pair of Miron Crosby cowboy boots. Just like Supergoop!, they’re a brand that is tied to both Texas and NYC. This design is super special to me because my daughter, Emery, helped design it. She worked on all the fun icons on her iPad, and I love how it was a true team effort between her and me. Oh, and I absolutely love that it says “Reapply y’all!” in my very own handwriting. That’s one of my everyday mottos!

How do you like to use Defense Refresh?

These days, I’m spending most of my time at home, so I’m usually applying Superscreen SPF 40 in the morning and then topping that with one of our primers, whether it’s Unseen, Mattescreen, or if I want some illumination, Glowscreen. Then I keep my special edition Defense Refresh by my side all day on my desk to spritz on every two hours. It’s really effortless and it’s a great pick-me-up in the afternoon! 

Can you give us any more hints about the next Defense Refresh drops?

Okay! Let’s play a game… see if you can guess the next brands we’re collaborating with in the comments! The next drop is very special to me… it’s another brand that’s all about healthy, happy skin. The one after that is the brand that makes my all-time favorite jeans, the next one is my favorite accessory designer and fellow entrepreneur mom and the last is a super cool New York-based artist that we’ve worked with in the past. 

I so hope you enjoy collecting our new, limited-edition designs!

+Any guesses as to what the next Defense Refresh drops will be? Leave your answers in the comments!