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Hello Holly: The Best Skincare Habit for a Healthy 2021

Healthy Skincare Habits Holly Thaggard Supergoop

Setting resolutions is easy; it’s keeping them that can be the hard part. And it’s a good reminder that real change takes a lot more than just watching a shiny ball drop on television. Real change happens when we commit to making small, positive choices for ourselves each and every day … those are what add up over time. 

It’s funny how this notion applies to a lot of things, including SPF. (In fact, the same is true about other life lessons, but I’ll have to save those for another post!) Wearing sunscreen daily is a small and easy thing that will bring about super results—for your skin and for your health—over time. 

But it’s easy to walk away from these minute tasks because you don’t feel like a brighter future (whatever that means to you) is happening fast enough. Well, I want to encourage you to just stick with it. Stay the course, stay committed, because a brighter future does await. As one of my favorite marketers of all time, Seth Godin, reminded me recently, your bad habits can be hard to break. Bad habits are familiar, which is why we keep going back to them, and why we so easily abandon our resolutions and our hopes for a brighter tomorrow. Breaking a bad habit requires learning a new one, and learning a new one takes time and commitment. (There’s that “c” word again!) In the end, though, being committed to learning new habits will help us, as Seth put it, “see the world in a new way—not just see it, but act differently in it.” And I think we could all really benefit from acting a little differently in the world right now.

So, keep your chin up in this new year! Don’t get discouraged that change isn’t coming fast enough. Keep your focus on doing small things each day (like wearing sunscreen) that will impact the long-term picture. As someone who has spent countless days and nights slowly chipping away at her big sunscreen dreams, I’m here to tell you that the Every. Single. Day. approach works. Supergoop! is living proof. 

P.S. If you need a little daily SPF inspiration, start here with my current everyday favorites.

  1. Prep dry, dehydrated skin with Superscreen Daily Moisturizer SPF 40
  2. Prime and mattify with Mattescreen SPF 40
  3. Brighten your under-eye area with Bright-Eyed Eye Cream SPF 40
  4. Color correct imperfections with CC Screen SPF 50
  5. Reapply your SPF throughout the day with Defense Refresh (Re)setting Mist SPF 40.
  6. Soothe especially parched places (elbows, cuticles, etc.) with Cloud 9 Sun Balm SPF 40.